Top 5 Tips For Photographing Pets

• Get Very Close! The best pet photographs have lots of detail in the coats and to capture detail you have to either be up close and at eye level with your pet or use a zoom lens.

Use Natural Lighting. Get outside and use the light that is already available. Shooting within 2 hours of sunrise and sunset is the prettiest light. Try not to photograph them at midday in direct sun. Nobody looks good in this light. If you have to shoot at noon, shoot your pet in the shade.

Be Patient. Photographing animals is like photographing children; the magic comes in their time not yours. Just wait and watch and the animal will show you the picture.

Props, Toys and Play. Always have their favorite toy or treat on hand when you are planning a photo shoot. So when the time comes and you want his attention a squeak of a ball or wag of a toy will perk up their ears and have them facing the camera. Sometimes you will need to play, play and play some more just so they can clam down enough to sit or lay still for more than a second or two.

Get help. Having someone to keep the pups attention is a huge help. There is so much to do and think about that having another set of hands and pair of eyes makes the job of photographing your animal much easier and pleasant.

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