Working With What You Have

What I had: an assistant (dog wrangler), mud, toys, pretty light, bright colors, a lazy dog and an excited one.
As I had two dogs to photograph, an energetic Wire-haired Fox Terrier and a lounging Scottish Terrier. It was fortunate to have the availability to shoot inside and still use natural light or outside were it was overcast but bright. I had no trouble deciding where to shoot each of them since Ajax was resting on a chair in the living room and Whitman was bouncing around with curiosity. So Ajax was first, I opened all the doors and windows to give me as much light as possible. Having a bold colorful chair really helped to make him stand out in these shots. I just left him be, got on his eye level and shot.

With Whitman bursting with energy we went outside and let him play, then just captured what he was doing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let you’re babies guide you with the mood and the location of the shoot.

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