Blurry Pet Photos Can be Fun!

As a pet portrait artist I often cringe when people send in pet photos for me to work from that are totally blurry and out of focus. I always want to see as much detail as possible so I can really capture their pet. With that said I will have to say that there are many occasions when a little blur can be a lot of fun in  a pet photo. Blurry snaps can really get across that sense of action.

© rebecca collins

The image above is one I shot in New York while moving. I was randomly shooting dogs on the street and this capture was a fun surprise. I love the little check marks of lights and the action under the feet, it really has the mood of New York to me.

The image below is an old one I shot of Big Tommy. Not an award winning photograph by any means, but I love the blur in the grass, it really sums up Tommy with his ball.

© rebecca collins


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