Flickr Friday / Fidos and Fences

By Flickr Member Adan Garcia

What Did This Photographer Do Right?

• Lovely composition. Focus is on the pup however he is not smack-dab in the center and this makes it much more exciting.
• Good lighting
• On the ground at doggy level

By Flickr Member Ian T. McFarland

By Flickr Member David Humpohl

By Flickr Member neon.mamacita’s

By Flickr Member Memyselfandcris’

By Flickr Member Donnie Ray Jones

By Flickr Member Sergio

By Flickr Member Tom Woodward

By Flickr Member Mark

By Flickr Member Plear Littlefeild

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1 Response to Flickr Friday / Fidos and Fences

  1. AutumnLeaves says:

    Such touching photos to my mind. I feel bad for all of them stuck behind the fence and just wanting to be by people! ‘Course, I know they are safer behind the fences too, but you know what I mean…All of them are wonderful photos though. Wish I cared enough to do more than consider composition and just simply point and click! That is my husband’s arena though!

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