Reasons To Photograph Your Pets Yourself

There are hundreds of great reasons to hire a professional to shoot your dog or cat, and that is a great subject for another post. This post however is my top 7 reasons why you can be the best person for the job.

#1 You know your pet better than anyone, and if you give it some thought you know what types of poses will suit them best.

#2 You are around them all the time and if your camera is handy you can capture some great moments that can never be repeated or staged.

#3 You may just have a very shy or aggressive animal and in those cases the stress of having a new person around is not going to work well.

#4 A professional photo shoot has a start time and an end time, if you enjoy shooting your animals you can work with them a little bit for several days in a row and end up with tons of great images to choose from.

#5 Photographing your pets can be quality time you are spending with them if you just remember to be patient and have fun with it.

#6 Photographing your pets on a regular basis can become a fun routine and once they are gone you are going to enjoy having a record of snowy winters, hot summers and all the other seasons shared.

#7 Photography is a creative challenge and if you spend a lot of time behind the lens you will start seeing the world differently, colors may show up brighter and you may just start seeing more details in life that you do not normally slow down for. You might just find yourself in the moment … living life very much like your dog.

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