Losing Focus

When there is so much going on around you and you’re trying to capture the scene before you it’s easy to lose focus, not image sharpness but the attention to details. I’ll use myself as an example. I went to the dog park twice last week, it was just such a beautiful week to be outside with doggie dogs.  I’ll explain what happened.
Roxie here was so cute with her two balls in her mouth and she wouldn’t let go of for the world. I know you see the very distracting shadow over part of her head. That was Roxie’s owner who was trying to help me out and get her baby girls attention. I was paying such close attention to the Roxie that I didn’t notice the shadow her owner was casting on her.

After editing my images from the Roxie, dog park shoot, I decided to go back out with new information. Watch your shadows. So with that in mind I observed Tucker and his owner playing catch. So I decided to use the owners shadow to tell a story about their day. Even if I didn’t tell you that they were playing catch you could have read it in the image itself.

So pay attention to the light as well as the shadows when you are shooting. Everyone loses focus from time to time. That’s life. Now go out and shoot.

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