Dog Photography Groups

So you like shooting your canine and you think you have the cutest dog on the planet right? Dog people can be obsessive about their pets and often they will whip out their cell phones at the office or at parties to show off the latest cute snapshot they have taken of their pooch at play. Some people really like seeing your pics while others might sort of smile and humor you just as you do when you see the 400th photo of a pal’s child learning to walk.  Well … there is a place on-line that is waiting and eager to see your dog photography and that is Flickr!

I just entered the word dog in a “group search” at flickr  and discovered that there are 31,162 groups relating to dogs over there. There are groups for specific breeds, for mutts, for dogs in costume … the list goes on and on.

From The Group: Dogs Dogs DogsFrom The Flickr Group: Dogs Dogs Dogs
By Flickr Member: Patyphillips’

From The Group:  Your Dog Nose
By Flickr Member: Maxpics

From The Group: Old Dogs
By Flickr Member: emmoff

So if you are dog obsessed consider showcasing your talents over at flickr, you might just find you are not alone!

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