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At Home and Comfortable

Making an animal comfortable is so important and one of the best ways to do that is shooting them at home. I know I always feel more safe and secure in my home environment.

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Film is Cheap

Back in the days of  35mm film there was a saying that every pro photographer would spout: “Film is cheap so shoot til you get it.” Well film is more than cheap now, it’s free. Let me rephrase that, digital … Continue reading

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How to photograph a Doberman

This is just fun and creative. Plus, I can’t stop dancing in my chair.

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Pay Attention

I shot this image first. What a cute little dog face. But once I really looked at the scene in front of me the whole context of the image changed. Way more cute and funny now that I paid attention … Continue reading

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Dog Day Mondays, Molly

by Susan Tweatt How did she get this shot. It’s not just the background that is out of focus but even parts of Molly are fuzzy, no that’s not her fur. This effect can be done in Photoshop but not … Continue reading

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