I am a full time pet portrait artist. Through my commercial studio Art Paw.com I take ordinary home snapshots that people send me and I turn them into colorful digital paintings. Over the years I have had some clients send me stunning home snapshots of their fur-kids, however too often I get photos that are very challenging to work with. I hope to use this blog as a tool to educate my clients and all pet lovers on how to get great images of their pets that they will cherish for years to come.

I have been shooting my own pups for over 12 years. I am very experienced in Photoshop and yet when it comes to pet photography I don’t pretend to be a professional behind the lens. I do I have a pretty good eye and a knack at working with dogs to get some great captures. I feel I am a “point & shoot” expert and you can be too.


There are many things in my life I love but two things I’m most passionate about is photography and animals. I’ve been a commercial photographer for 16 years and I still find it satisfying. As far as pets go I have a farm, really; 6 chickens, 2 goats, 1 cat, 1 dog 2 rats and a fish as of now. I never would have believed the city girl I am, I’d have this many animals. The great part is it’s a farm in the city. (win/win).

I have been a fan of Rebecca Collins from the moment we met. What an amazing person and wonderful artist so when she asked if I’d like to work with her on this blog I jumped at the chance. My hopes in sharing my knowledge it will inspire you to take pictures. Enjoy! www.bitterpugs.com