Flickr Friday / Dogs in Baskets

by Flickr Member Colin Charles

So what did this photographer do right?
The dog is framed by the basket.
The subject is looking right in the camera.
Medium Depth of Field so the head is sharp but the body slowly fads out of focus.
Colorful prop makes the puppy really stand out.

by Flickr Member Tara Tiger Brown

by Flickr Member Dave Dugdale

by Flickr Member James Justin

by Flickr Member tanakawho

by Flickr Member Tyler Haglund

by Flickr Member stratic



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4 Responses to Flickr Friday / Dogs in Baskets

  1. drumat5280 says:

    I am so glad that you liked my Flickr photo so much that you included it on this page.

    I enjoy when people use my Creative Commons photos that I work hard on, but as I noted on Flickr (below the photo) I require that they provide me credit to my site.

    Please add my link when you can.
    Thanks, Dave Dugdale

  2. So how come the first dog looking right at the camera doesn’t have the funny-lit eyes?

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